Please note that you are required to check an acceptance box on our web site while “checking out” through our e-commerce system while paying for your experience. The box to be checked has you accepting the Terms And Conditions of booking an experience with Hill Country Wine Tours LLC. We want you to have an exciting fun filled day with your group but are required to inform you of our terms and conditions in doing so.  We are small business owners offering a very unique and specialty service that affects not only us, but our partner locations and most importantly our group of dedicated associates that host and drive you, if you change the number of guests or the date of your reservation after making a reservation.

What you are agreeing to in committing to spending time with us:  As a small business with a limited number of vehicles and host/drivers, we have provided you a price based on the number of guests you informed us were attending and the date you requested for your tour.  Adding more guests is as challenging as informing us you have less guests, but on most occasions easier to handle.  In many cases when you reserve with us, we pre-pay the experience.  Your price is based on the number of guests you had informed us are attending and are committing to pay for.  We need to enforce this standard policy, or we would not be able to offer the service of door to door, all-inclusive packages serving Central Texas.

We require two non-refundable guest payments to secure the reservation. With these two guest payments paid we then start to secure reservations with each of the properties we are going to visit.  As stated previously, in some cases we are pre-paying for your guest experiences and are trying to avoid rebooking’s, cancellations and refunds with our partners.  We love them and they take care of us and our guests.  If you were quoted a fee per guest, that number of payments will need to attend or be paid for to proceed with the tour. For the benefit of doubt, you book a tour for eight people. Eight people pay or go.  We do not put random groups together, and you will not receive a credit towards another tour for guests that cancel. After the initial two guest payments we allow the additional guests to pay their full amount up to but no later than seven days prior to the tour.  This should in most cases give those guests ample time to make their payments. The link to purchase the tour should be shared with the additional guests (you) when the link is initially sent. This is the responsibility of the host purchasing the experience and they accept all responsibility for the payments unmade and for the final headcount.

Hill Country Wine Tours is a specialty operator that provides door to door service for your group, and your particular group only on the date you booked. If you book a particular day, you may have taken the opportunity away from another group to tour on that day.  If you provide us more than a three week notice from the date of your tour of a change of date, we will do the best to accommodate you for a one-time charge of $450.00 in addition to all the guest payments for your initial tour.  The new date for your tour has to be mutually agreed to and on a date where we are not fully booked and cannot accommodate.

Our drivers inspect the vehicles before and during our outing together. In the event there is damage to the vehicle caused by a member(s) of your party the customer or host that booked the tour with us shall assume full financial responsibility for any and all harm and damages suffered by the company, including but not limited to vehicle cleaning, repairs or replacements due to breakage, burns or any damage to the interior or exterior of the vehicle. A minimum of $800.00 will be charged for an occurrence or harm or for a guest vomiting into the vehicle or with glitter.  Do not bring objects or wear clothing with glitter.

It is a strict violation of TABC Law for our shuttle to drop off an intoxicated passenger (you are policing this on your own accord) at any location serving alcohol, or any location to serve any individual that is deemed to be intoxicated.

We realize that occasionally plans change with our partner wineries so we must adhere to their cancellation and refund policy, and at all times we will seek an alternative venue comparable in the experience for your group. We always maintain good business practices and relationships with the places we visit. Our policy is simple, we will refund any person that is hospitalized within a week of our tour. If a group cancels a trip within three weeks of our experience the first two payments are non-refundable and 50% of the amount paid by the additional guests will be credited to a future trip. We cannot refund individuals that cannot attend once a head count is provided during the initial booking process. We do not refund guests that have paid.  For the benefit of doubt and with the sincerest of clarity. If you book a wine tour for 10 guests and the pricing is $189.00 per guest, $1,890.00 is due regardless of the amount of people who attend up to 10 VIP Guests.  We are happy to discuss all the reasoning for our policies, but we must adhere to them for the benefit of our guests.


Updated 02/03/2021 David Love COO Hill Country Wine Tours

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