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Luckenbach must live on. Fifty years ago, Hondo Crouch knew he had found a place full of the sweet little things life has to offer. He knew the magic of listening to live music underneath the guardianship of majestic oak trees. He knew the importance of the potato chip man coming on Tuesday and arms stretched high waving at airplanes on Thursday. He knew he needed to do everything he could to ensure that among the unpredictable ways of the world there would always be the steadfast welcoming embrace of Luckenbach.None of us are timeless, save for Jerry Jeff always starting his shows late. We all got expiration dates, just like Hondo and Scamp Walker had.But Luckenbach must live on. It must remain that place where bluebonnets and peach orchards hold higher value than asphalt jungles and cash registers. Where human decency and wonderous souls are enrichened in the sounds of country music singing the truth.This one-of-a-kind sacred place deserves perpetual protection. So please join us as we celebrate and preserve the one and only, Luckenbach.

After all, somewhere up there, Hondo’s sayin’ stuff like he always said. Probably something like, “I’m no longer around, so I can’t remind everybody there’s only one Luckenbach,

What’s your excuse?”

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